Organic Turmeric

Best Quality Organic Turmeric Powder with highest amount more than 8% of Curcumin.

Mr. Nahar Singh ji

Founder and Director of Amaltash Agriventure Private Limited, Mr. Nahar Singh Ji born and raised in a farmer family and himself doing farming from last few decades.

For a long-time, Mr. Nahar Singh Ji has this urge to provide pure, natural, and organic food in reach of every other person.

Because he believes healthy and pure food is not just a necessity it’s right for everyone as well.

To fulfill his this vision Mr. Nahar Singh Ji initiated this organization ‘Amaltash Agriventure Private Limited’ 

nahar singh ji

Our Product

amaltash organic turmeric powder 200 grams box

Amaltash Organic Turmeric Powder 200 Grams

  • Our Turmeric Powder consists more than 8% Curcumin.
  • Amaltash Organic Turmeric is 100% Pure, Natural and Organic.
  • Work 3x times more than any other turmeric powder out there.
  • Curcumin is a natural anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory compound.
  • Help you to improve and maintain your body Immunity.
  • Turmeric powder can dramatically increase the antioxidant capacity of the body.
  • Curcumin is helpful in treating Alzheimer’s, Heart and Brain Disease.


Our own grown Turmeric field, which provide you sense that we have control and assurance that you will get best quality of product, as we are not dependent on others for quality of our products.


Why you should choose us!

Pure Organic Food

100% Organic and Pure Food

We never use any kind of inorganic  fertilizer or pesticides. We make sure all our Spices are 100% pure and organic.

Locally Grown Food

Locally Grown Products

Every kind of herb and spices are grown on our own fields as well as on our fellow farmers fields under our supervisions.

eco friendly food

Eco Product

From A to Z everything in growing and manufacturing process is natural and environment friendly process.

Store Address

Address: Amaltash Agriventure Store, 

Village Shadipur near Chandak, Bijnor, Uttarpradesh

Email us: 

Phone: +91-81714-88087